8 Tips for Saving Money On Your New Home Gym Costs

Building a home gym can save you a ton of money in the long-run, but it can be expensive upfront. We'll show you how to save on your home gym costs here.

When you're driving to the gym or hauling yourself out of bed at oh-God-o'clock, how many times have you wished you could have a gym right there in your home?

Gym memberships can be extremely expensive, and finding the time to go to the gym can be a challenge. Home gyms are a great solution for those looking to save some money and still crush their fitness goals.

But as anyone who's ever priced out fitness equipment will know, getting equipment for a home gym can come with a huge price tag. There are some ways that you can spend smart and get the home gym you need without breaking the bank to do it. Read on to learn some tips to keep home gym costs down.

Decide on Your Fitness Goals

The most important step to building a home gym on a budget is deciding what your fitness goals are. If you want to get better at yoga or running, there's no reason to purchase a weight rack. Likewise, if you want to develop greater muscle tone, getting a treadmill may not be the best use of your money.

Decide what you want to get out of your workout routines, and focus on equipment to meet those fitness goals. Not getting extraneous equipment is a great way to save money.

Remember to be realistic and honest with yourself, and don't spend a bunch of money on equipment you may use someday.

Gym Mats

One of the best investments you can make on a budget is getting a gym mat. No matter if you're lifting weights or doing yoga, having a padded surface can help prevent injuries and protect your joints. Decent gym mats only cost a couple of hundred dollars, so you get a lot of value for your money.

If you don't want to spend the money to get a full-size floor mat, there are smaller, cheaper options that can work better in limited space or at the beginning of a fitness regimen. A great place to start if you're focused on flexibility and core strength is a basic yoga mat. If you're more focused on cardio and strength training, you may want to look into interlocking foam mats that can be sized to your space and provide great padding for HIIT training.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Many of us think of dumbbells when we think of gyms, and for good reason. They are useful in a wide variety of strength training exercises, from simple curls to improving arm strength in runners. Their variable weight also makes them accessible to anyone at any point on the fitness spectrum.

Getting a set of adjustable dumbbells for your home gym is crucial, especially if your goals mean strength or resistance training. A good set of adjustable dumbbells will allow you to change their weight from two pounds up to fifty pounds with the flick of a switch.

Best of all, most options will cost you less than $300 for the set.

Stability Ball

You may think of a stability ball as a leftover from 1980s aerobics classes, or something that hipsters sit on at their desks instead of office chairs. But in fact, they are one of the best and cheapest investments you can make in your home gym. They allow you to do a number of powerful exercises, and they are good to have around no matter what your fitness goals are.

If you're planning on increasing core strength, arm strength, or balance, a stability ball is a must-have for you. They allow you to do crunches, squats, curls, body bridges, and a number of other exercises.

Even if you are focusing more on weight training, they can double as a bench that provides great support.

Resistance Bands

Like stability balls, resistance bands are a great addition to any home gym, and they don't take up a lot of budget or space. In essence, resistance bands are long strips of elastic banding or tubing.

In many cases, you can cut them to the length you need them, and some of them come equipped to hang from walls or doors.

Resistance bands are an especially good choice for people looking to improve muscle tone and strength. They provide some of the same benefits as a traditional weight stack would, but their flexibility means all of your muscle gets worked, rather than just one part in the same repetitive motion. They also won't run you more than a couple of hundred dollars, depending on what you're looking for.

Full-Length Mirrors

You may have noticed that every gym, studio, or fitness training area comes equipped with a wall of full-length mirrors. This isn't just so people can admire themselves as they get fit, although that certainly is a fun part as your training progresses. Mirrors are an important part of any gym, and especially a home gym.

If you have a full-length mirror, you'll be able to keep an eye on your form as you go through your exercise routine. This can be a huge help in eliminating bad habits and maintaining proper posture, which is crucial to preventing injuries.

In a home gym, where there aren't any trainers around to make sure you're using proper form, this is even more important

Look for Second-Hand Equipment

You may be looking at some of this equipment and saying, "I don't want to spend a thousand dollars on all this gym equipment." Building a home gym is expensive, especially if you're buying equipment new, but that's the good news. Around certain times of year in particular, you can find excellent deals on second-hand gym equipment that can help you save a lot of money.

The turn of the year is the best time to buy used gym equipment at low prices. Around February or so, people will be looking to sell off fitness equipment that they got for Christmas or as part of New Year's resolutions.

Look on Craigslist or eBay for people looking to drop gym equipment that has barely been used for a great price.

Learn More About Home Gym Costs

Installing a home gym is an investment, but you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good, functional set of equipment. Remember to focus on what you need for your fitness goals and try to get high-function equipment that is inexpensive.

With some thought and patience, you can meet and exceed your fitness goals all in the comfort of your own home.

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