Calm Down Golfer's Elbow Using Peanut Massage Ball With Dr. Matt Crandall

I'm going to talk to you about golfer's elbow. Golfer's elbow is when a golfer getting pain on the inside part of elblow what's happening is when they are swing and that club hits the ground all these muscles are activated. It creates some micro trauma to this area so repeatedly taking debits out of the ground and swinging through can irritate anywhere from here down. What we want to do is we want to get that to calm down.

1. I've got a tool here this peanut ball and you could also just use a regular lacrosse ball you want to find these muscles that come all the way down into your forearm here and you just want to find these tender areas work them out roll it out again. I'd probably want to sit down and do this so I can get in there a little better roll my arm right on the ball.

2. Gently stretch those muscles to open it up keep it comfortable just a gentle stretch to try to help this area calm down you want up to avoid irritating it.

3. So for a couple days you have to let that calm down here stretch it work it out give these couple things a shot you have to really work on unloading these muscles and getting them to loosen up once you try this and things start to feel better.