Circuit training at beach using WODFitters resistance bands and patent handles

Get fit on the beach! (Don’t forget your sunscreen)

Save this back circuit for when you need to get lean without sacrificing muscle by @johntprather

Whenever I’m looking to burn a few extra calories and lean out for an upcoming project I add circuits to my workouts.

This keeps my heart rate consistently higher and allows me to do more work in my fat burning zone.

Interval style workouts using weights/resistance instead of doing straight cardio on a machine also helps me keep a dense muscular look while leaning out.

1️⃣seated band/cable row 12-15 reps

2️⃣trx row 12-15 reps

3️⃣dumbbell plank row 8-10 reps

4️⃣battle ropes :60⏱ ➡️rest :60⏱

🔁repeat circuit 5 times


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