Effective Tricep Extension,bicep Curls,and Abs Exercises Using WODFitters Resistance band with Door Attachment set

Hi guys I'm coming at you today with an arms and abs challenge exercises using one of the wodfitters new exercise band with door attachment set.

We've got handles, wrists, ankle straps and the door attachments to go with your pull-up bands. So you can have your gym at home. When you travel to hotel rooms you don't have to go to the gym because you've got your own home gym now. As I said I'm gonna be using the wodfitters door attachment today it's got a foam circle here which will be outside of the door. You're gonna shut the door and the extra part is gonna hang over towards you. Now I Will show you how to do that so think of your loop here just like a rig and you're gonna shoot it through and then make the loop pull it through the other side and then tighten it up. So it's just like that this side hangs out from the door towards you.

I'm gonna go ahead and attach two different strengths so I know to do the thicker band for my arm exercises and the lighter band for my core exercises.I'm excited to show you this challenge to accept is five exercises, three arm exercises two ab exercises. You're going to do them for one minute each, three rounds total making it a 15 minute.

The first three exercises are our arm exercises,the first one just being a regular row I'm gonna have a seat throw my fingers inside of the black band lean back about 45 degrees and I'm gonna pull right across my chest, dropping my elbows back and down squeezing my shoulder blades back remembering to stay nice and tall. The wider you grab the harder it is so if you want to make it a little more difficult go a little wider you hit that posterior really well so that's your first minute ends.

The second minute you're gonna come up onto your knees. We've got a tricep extension grab the band fingertips inside again.I'm gonna pin those elbows right to your ribs, extend your arms all the way down by your side. Make sure you're not releasing your elbows when they coming back down.

The third one coming back down onto your butt we've got a bicep curl. Your palms are gonna be facing up and through the band, you're gonna leave your elbows straight out from your chest curling right over top your forehead. There just the forearm moving, so you get this full contraction of your bicep release straight back out.

The last two exercises I should say first one it's gonna be a plank straight arm pull down. It's gonna turn to your corner also your lats and your triceps really well. Take your right hand put it in the band and you're gonna show it down to the floor come up in that high plank position release and push right back to your hip, so that full range of motion straight out in front of you at 180 like Superman and then you can rank back to your hips.

The very last exercise of your challenge is you're twisting with the band tuck it right in beside your hip so here I want physical contact with your hip to make sure your chest is turning as well. Make it a little harder straight arm right farther away from your body the more difficult,so I want you to comment below if you accept this challenge you've got five exercises tricep extension, bicep curl, the seated row and then again down on the floor you've got the plank straight arm pulldown for number four. The last one is the Russian twist hooking it right at your sides.

If you haven't checked out this attachment set you've got to check it out we've got rubber handles just the foam circle for your door attachment and the wrist and ankle straps.