Functional shoulder destruction

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Today with @bodybycain
So for today I will be breaking down in my opinion he most functional and safest pressing exercises for any overhead athlete! This exercise is also great for bodybuilders as well as you guys just trying to stay moving well.
This exercise “the landmine shoulder press” which has many different variations and adaptions, is a great functional movement for helping develop and build shoulders in a way that helps assist overhead athletes in not only shoulder strength but stability and motor control as well.

This particular variation that I am demoing in the video here is a eccentric variation of your standard shoulder press. Here I am looking to build strength as well as size and control. The band Addition applies constant tension throughout the exercise and allows the lifter to work with a lighter load but the equal benefits of pushing heavier weight.

Lastly this move incorporates a ton of anti-rotation benefits which I have talked about through my last few posts. Check it out for more info!

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Let’s get out there and crush it today!


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