Great Mobility Moves To Expand Your Golf Swing With Dr. Matt Crandall and Sydney Cummings Using Resistance Band

I'm here with Dr. Matt Crandall, a doctor at physical therapy.

1. I don't know a couple of you guys asked what is a great mobility move for the thoracic spine in terms of ball swing so limiting the range of motion or extending your range of motion in the golf swing.

2. Matt, what's a great exercise that loosen up our upper back?

3. I've got a band here and so I'm going to walk Sydney through an exercise that's really designed to help get your thoracic spine moving get your shoulders loosened up and get those hips engaged so what Sydney's going to do is she's going to it's convenient we have a little line on the floor you could just pretend there was a line in the floor. So she's going to line up so her feet are nice and parallel and this is she's holding this band out in front of her so what she's going to get the band out in front of her here.

4. It's comfortable so you can adjust to the tension and again you could decide what band you want to use you should not need a lot of tension for this exercise what she's going to do is she's going to turn it's not letting these her feet move directly towards me and then she's going to come right back and through and rotate turn and rotate so again she can kind of decide how far she wants to go should be comfortable.

5. The key is here that she's keeping her feet planted and she's really using her hips in her back to create this rotation and get these muscles engaged help these joints loose enough she could do ten of these then I would just have her switch sides and she could do the same thing get lined up take her time getting a good stance and then she's going to do ten more and she can also adjust herself in and out.

6.You can see if she does another one of these and the band kind of hits her arm she could just move back a little bit so that kind of helps clear the band so it's not bothering her when she comes to

7.So keep it comfortable it should not hurt you could do sets of ten you can adjust the tension and try.