LOWER BODY STABILITY by @theclimbclinic using WODFitters resistance bands

Strengthening the lower body helps you improve agility and balance. It minimizes the occurrence of falls and injuries during workouts, games, or even simply going about your daily activities.

Here is a series of lower-body dynamic stability exercises tailored towards a climber/skier rehabbing from a right inversion ankle sprain and chronic meniscus injury 🔥

The use of the band facilitates muscle recruitment at the hips, knee, and ankle complex as the stability and proprioceptive awareness is challenged throughout the lower body with the single-leg, dynamic movements ✅
1️⃣ Toe Taps
2️⃣ Rotation
3️⃣ Press
4️⃣ Mini Squat
5️⃣ Static Hold
The techniques can be manipulated by the speed of the movements, intensity of the band, and duration of the exercise; however, the focus should be placed on the quality of the movement (maintain control throughout the motion) 🚦
Tag your climbing and ski partner to help develop their lower body stability 💯

WODFitters resistance band improves the quality of your exercises and helps to focus your control. 

It recruits your stabilizing muscles and is fundamental for functional training.

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WODFitters resistance bands improve the quality of your exercises.

WODFitters resistance bands help to focus your control.

WODFitters resistance bands recruit your stabilizing muscles.

WODFitters Resistance bands are fundamental for functional training.

WODFitters resistance bands are a great alternative to machines. They're lightweight.

WODFitters resistance bands are designed for compound exercises by providing control over the angle.

WODFitters resistance bands are great for all of your muscle groups, using bands can provide a deeper, more intense workout.

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