Post Workout Mobility Routine Using Foam Roller With Sydney Cummings

I am here today with your post-workout mobility routine and going to be using some things from our mobility bundle.

1. At first I am going to start with the foam roller. Go ahead and grab your foam roller drop down on your mat. I am going to place it right in the middle of your back so make sure you start upper back.

We're going to lay it on down and as you lay down I want you to push your heels down and lift your hips up and we're going to stay in that upper part of our back. Place your hands right behind your head and propel yourself forward and backwards using your feet as far as the foam roller goes on your back.

Make sure you don't go down to your lower back there's just not enough support down there to support this foam roller and stay in the middle and upper back

2. You can also open and close your elbows to adjust where your shoulder blades are going to be putting pressure on your spine and on your muscles and then just keep moving. We've got the textured nubs on this foam roller so they're really going to dig in there right around your spine and in your upper back and you can move it down to mid back as well.

Make sure you find the spot that you need to do that self myofascial release either hold it there add some pressure we'll just rotate around on it moving a little bit and really let the texture of this foam roller with our nubs on here dig into those spots. That's how you roll your back like I said stay away from the up or from the lower back.

3. Now going to move down to your quads post-workout maybe you've done some squats or some deadlifts some lunges you roll out your quads. I'm going to take it one leg at a time for us drop down onto your forearms and I want you to start with the foam rolling right in the middle of your thigh. You're going to lift your body off the ground that's on the foam roller your foot isn't touching the floor and now to propel yourself from your knees to your hip moving back and forth on your quad if you just break that it's going to be a little bit inflamed there's going to be a lot of lactic acid in there lots of blood flow.

We're just working on calming down and this is a great way to move that muscle around after you work it out so hard you can adjust your leg toe facing internally toe facing externally to hit different angles on your quad as well.

4. One more area that's great to hit after a workout maybe you've done some running or just some regular calf raises it's just the calf, if you are a runner you know that the cast get really tight so a great way to do this just one leg at a time you're going to pop your hips off the floor again and go to ankle making sure not to roll over your knee joint.

Always stay clear of the joints and you have to find the spot in your leg that's maybe a little bit more tender, hold it there you can also cross the other leg over to add some extra pressure and just move it back and forth. Great ways to move some blood flow out of there just break up that a little bit with this foam roller.

5. One more thing, I want to do for you is using our lacrosse ball hit your back after a workout and maybe you've done some backs and pull-ups some bent over rows anything withyour back muscles sometimes it can get really tight beside your shoulder blades.

We're going to dig our lacrosse ball into our rhomboids right beside your spine in between your shoulder blades, you're going to place it down right between your shoulder blade and your spine slowly release your weight onto that ball to roll back and forth just slightly okay figuring out where you the most tender and kind, hold it there for a second if it's at the rhomboid you can hold it there you can cross your arm over to really open it up and just let your body weight add the pressure onto that lacrosse ball.

If you feel the tender spot more than likely you need some pressure there you need some movement energy to kind of open up that knot and if you want to move it up just a little bit higher you can actually work up toward the top of your back and where your trap connects. So place it right at the top of your back and this is one where you'll just have to find that spot again that's the part about the lacrosse ball.

It's very personalized to where you feel that you need this pressure so start off right beside the shoulder blade you can kind of move it up towards the top of your neck for the top of your shoulder I'm just kind of work it out you've done some heavy work on your back you need to calm these muscles down.

Use your foam roller and your lacrosse ball post-workout and really knocks out and leave your body feeling ready and rejuvenated for your next workout all.