QUAD BURN workout by @theclimbclinic using WODFitters mini resistance bands

If you love skiing, hiking, running, climbing, and cycling in the mountains. This series is for you! 🏃🎿 🌁🗻🚵

Here is a series of ISO (isometric) Spanish Squat variations that can be used to build strength and capacity at the thigh (aka quadriceps) and hip complex commonly challenged while skiing, hiking, running, and cycling in the mountains 🎿🏔🏃‍♀️🚵
⚡️ISO Spanish Squat⚡️
1️⃣ Rotational Load
2️⃣ Forward Press
3️⃣ Traditional Hold
Depending on context and intensity, these techniques can prove valuable in reducing the load at the knee with the band and increasing the demand at the thigh and hip complex in order to build strength and capacity of the lower body and core 🚀
Tag a partner to get their MTN prep dialed 💯

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