Quick Preworkout Mobility Exercises with Sydney Cummings

It's Sydney and I'm here with your quick pre-workout mobility regimen.

Today we're going to be using a couple things in our mobility bundle and I'm going start with the floss bands.

1. First one, we're going to start with is you have to be lubricated in your joints right the main joints that we use elbows and knees so we're going to wrap the floss band around our knee.

I'm going to start right over top of kneecap and holding it here you're going to work your way down making sure it's nice and tight. The objective here is to get lots of blood flow to regenerate any ailments that you may have and then once you get your wrap on, go through some regular motion let use your knee joint with like a squat or the lunge.

We're going to go with a couple squats here just allowing that joint to move through its natural range of motion get some blood flow in there right now you restricting the blood flow a little bit let's go through some lunges.

We're going to step forward with that knee and your big push back to the top. Let's go two more so after you go through your warm-up exercises you're going to take your band off and this is when the blood is going to kind of run through lubricate that joint and you'll be ready for your workout.

You're going to run back through those same exercises feeling them out with your normal range of motion, five squats and five lunges again.

You just want to run through the moves that you did with the floss band on to kind of mimic that movement and really allow the blood to come back into the joint until it's ready for your workout.

2. Like we used a lot in your workout is the elbow so I'm actually going to take my floss band and wrap my elbow. Place up starting again at the top so I'm going to hold it against wrap it around and you just keep on the track making sure you've got some great tension you're starting at the top moving down to the bottom.

You can work your way back up right before you tie it off right so this one of the most normal movements we do with our elbow is the push up. Let's go ahead and do some push-ups then both the tricep motion and the regular wide motion.

Let's go five push-ups just regular and they take it back to a tricep position and again if you need to drop your knees on these push-ups totally fine and then just like before you're going to take your band off and you're going to run back through the same exact motions allowing blood flow now to come into your joint set those back let's go back through our five wide presses or push-ups.

So that's how you use our floss band is just wrap them around the joint run through motions that move that joint and then take it off you'll have a rush of blood flow and it'll work on those ailments in that muscle and give it lubricated and ready for your workout.

3. The next thing I'm going to use from our mobility bundle is a lacrosse ball. We're going to start on your lateral part of the leg you're going to place it right in the middle to start with back leg is supporting your weight and I want you to move from your knee to your hip. I want you to loosen this up before you start and it's kind of a tinder movement and the reason I want you to do it before you start it's after your workout it's going to be a lot more inflamed.

Let's work on just releasing a little bit of a pressure in there and you can roll back and forth a little bit find that tinder spot hold it there give it a little bit of pressure and then you can do the same exact thing on the other leg.

Always start in the middle don't start near your joints back leg provides the weight lift come up back and forth. So there's a really great pre-workout mobility routine that you can use to start off your workout with your joints lubricated and a great workout mindset ready to go.