Shoulder Mobility Exercises for Overhead Lifts Using WODFitters Resistance bands

Hi guys I'm here to show you today some really great shoulder mobility exercises for your overhead lifts,your pulls,your presses using our titanium bands.

I've got the black one today silver on one side black on the other with a titanium style.The first, I'm just going to start with is a doubled up setting for the band, it is going to be just a backward shoulder rotation.Try to keep your arms as straight as possible and this just starts out the basic range of motion, forward and backward especially for things like snatches. If you're doing anything overhead where you have to catch just a little bit in front or behind your head get that rotation opened up before you start and then if you need to modify you can go one arm at a time come back up. So from this side if you need that modification just reach come back to the top and then in virtually you know if that's a little bit too easy just scoot your hands in a little bit closer on the band and then roll back and forth as well.

The second one is going to be keeping that grip about 12 inches apart you're going to have an overhead pull trying to stretch out the shoulder as well as the lats here and the obliques.So just pulling up good overhead adjusting how much you pull with the body if you're gonna give a little less post scoot your hands a little farther apart if you want to pull a little harder move your hands back closer.Open up that side body same thing for the other side make sure you reach up and then pull over trying to keep a nice tall posture so you're not folded in half here but you're reaching up and then over. You'll really feel the difference in your lat, in your shoulder as well as your intercostals and your obliques as well.

The next one it's going to be a crossbody pull so you're going to reach your hand through the band gripping it here and you're going to pull over so that backhand is pulling away from your chest.Then the same thing on the other hand shoot your hand through the band grab it and pull your grip a little bit closer for this one but that just hits the posterior deltoid.So the back of your shoulder and if you take that hand overhead, pull it down that'll get your triceps also the shoulder mostly.But also some triceps in there the closer you are to behind your back and then switch hands again one hand inside the band take it up over top Bend and pull down get some triceps and the shoulder and the lats of course and then just taking it from there into a couple actual warm-up exercises where your shoulders gonna be activated.

You can stand on your band and do some high rows, driving the elbows up pulling the shoulder blades back at the top and then of course if you're ready for that we're gonna pump it up bring the band up to your chest and shoulder. Press keeping the main outside your elbows press right down to your chest and then right back overhead shooting your head through your arms just like you would with the barbell movement.So make sure you're sure your lats triceps are all warmed up for your overhead and pressing and pulling motions this week and you can do that by using our wodfitters titanium blackresistance pull-up band.