Shoulders rehab using #wodfittersband by @theclimbclinic

Here is an overhead mobility drill to actively promote thoracic extension while progressing tolerance to shoulder flexion with a resistive shoulder press āœ… .

. Limitations in overhead mobility can reduce performance and increase stress on the shoulders, neck, and upper back while climbing šŸ’„ . .

This mobility drill challenges your ability to move into thoracic extension while actively pressing with your shoulders to maximize overhead reach āš”ļø .

. This is a great drill to perform after sitting all day, prior to climbing, or on a day where you plan on doing a lot of overhead training requiring mobility in your upper back and shoulders (pull ups, push press, overhead squat, etc.) āœ… . .

Tips: Be sure to keep your butt on the ground and engage the core to better target the upper body. Staying active through the shoulders and upper body during the press will aid in providing functional gains in both mobility and strength at end-range positions.

Even a subtle chin tuck following the press can facilitate more functional mobility. Iā€™d argue I could use even a lighter resistive band as it really challenges shoulder mobility/stability as well šŸ”„ . .

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