Squat Variations for Knee Pain by @movewellmobile using WODFitters bands

If you’re tired of regular squats, try these amazing variations! 👌🔥

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💥🦵Squat Variations for Knee Pain🦵💥

Getting knee pain with squatting during your workouts? Chances are you are overloading the extensor mechanism of the knee. Whether it is due to poor tracking of the knee cap or too much load on the tendons above and below the knee cap, here are a few examples of how to continue to train your squat with minimal discomfort. All you need is a large @wodfitters band and your weight of choice 👊

Generally speaking, movements where you are able to keep a vertical tibia (shin bone) and/or increase trunk Flexion are going to be lower impact on the front of the knee. Use these concepts when symptoms are high and reintegrate movements with knees traveling over your toes as symptoms improve 🙌

Happy squatting! 🏋️‍♀️

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