Total Body Workout Using Our Resistance Bands Portable Home Gym Set

I'm here today to give you a total body workout using our exercise home gym attachment handles and wrists and ankle straps.

We're going to start with an upper body circuit. There are six exercises for you, using the black titanium pull-up band for upper body circuit. So six exercises we're going to be going 10 reps of each one.

1. The first one is going to be a shoulder press - You're going to put one foot inside the band, handles are going to be right at your chest, outside of your shoulders, they're coming up with a whole extension and right back down to your chests. You can step to feet inside same loop right determine your resistance two feet to slide that other foot. Inside grab your handles with your palms facing forward and pull them right up to your chest and relax them, all the way down to the bottom your elbows pinned to your ribs five more of the deep exhale as you pull.

2. Next one, we're going to be taking it up overhead or some triceps extensions band is going to be behind your back and going to step on it with your heel. So one heel down taking it up overhead that front forward, front foot is out forward and bend and straighten both the palms are facing forward when elbows are pinned together beside the ears. I'm going to go full extension at the top let's go seven more triceps.

3. Next one is with bicep curls - your handles are facing your body, elbows up across your body and relax. So 10 reps, do this in the posterior deltoid for the back of your shoulder.

4. One more shoulder exercise, you're actually going to link your handles together and you're going to grab the handles, one foot inside and then the other one just about hip-width apart and we're going to go for front raises so give me a slight bend in your knee we're going to raise right up to eye level and back down. If you need to make this a little bit more difficult just widen your stance give yourself a little bit more resistance keep the abs tight, don't let your lower back arch.

5. There's a modification for that one just take one foot out and the same thing front raise right out front make sure you always adjust to your strength level.

6. Last one there's going to be a bent over row so you're going to drop one of your handles down on the floor just taking one arm at a time the nice split stance with your band so front foot on the outside back foot band goes around the outside as well it's going to be targeting your rhomboids here right behind your shoulder blades we're going to go bent over row. So you're driving your elbow up right beside your ribs and back down so for it's tight for Court squeeze that shoulder blade over towards your spine.

7. One more tip, let's switch it over so we hit the other arm go on the left arm as well go separate your legs as much as you need to adjust some your straight row and relax.

8. Last one let's move on to the lower body I'm going to take my handles off of the black band they're just easy clip off match it up that resistance up to my purple band face a quick clip on - so first move we're going to go for a prep squat.