Trigger Pin For Your Neck And Upper Trapezius

Experience the unique design (patent pending) that utilizes the healing texture of tightly spooled rope to release your myo-fascial adhesions (knots!). Our ingenious 'double-bubble' core made of high-impact, high performance microcellular foam, with lightweight, translucent urethane wheels has a way of honing in on your trigger points like no other roller on the market.

Yes--this roller feels phenomenal against your aching soles as you roll both feet at once--whether you're sitting at your computer, or at the dinner table. Trigger-pin!TM rolls quietly on 4" non-marking rubber wheels.

Our popular "Double Bubble" model targets from your neck and upper trapezius to your lower lumbar region like a dream. This model can also be used for lower body rolling as a less aggressive "entry-level" roller--since your weight can be distributed on two points. As you progress, you can easily shift onto one of the cores for more targeted massage.

Endorsed by chiropractors; physical therapists; and massage therapists alike: Trigger-PinTM will find and eliminate your trigger points safely and effectively in half the time it takes foam rollers. Try Trigger Pin today and say goodbye to sore muscles.