WODFitters Core Sliders for Whole Body Warm Up Exercises

Hi, I'm here to give you some quick tips on Core Sliders to warm up your whole body with different exercises.

I want to let you know these sliders are reversible so if you have the hardwood floors or the concrete floors these definitely aren't exclusive for the carpet.I'm going to show you a couple of exercises using the reverse side so I'm gonna put the foam side down.You take your legs out to the side keeping them close and then of course you can stand all the way up.Then of course you can do your glute bridges I like the challenge of keeping my hands behind me.My foot off the ground and then just to give you a little bit closer look at the pull-ups.You can take your hands straight out one at a time to the front do a tricep pushup.You can take one hand out to the side do a single arm push-up where you can take both at the same time and do a wide push up bring them back in together.