WODFitters Core Workout Sliders For Gliding Smoothly On Any Surface For Total Body Exercise

Hi,I'm here with you to give some quick tips on Core sliders for low impact total body exercise.

I wanted to drop in and give you three really great ab exercises that you can do using a pull-up band or resistance band and some sliders.I'm going to start with the pull-up and I've got a door attachment that I'm going to use with a foam circle and it comes with a loop here so you can loop your resistance band in that loop.

The first one is going to be a rotational core exercise so good for the transverse abdominus and the obliques.Lets do a woodchopper motion so a nice wide stance core is engaged start with the band right out in front of your chest and you're gonna twist down towards your knee.Here twist and control it on the way back that's the key to getting your core engaged don't twist down and then slam back.Keep it here in front of your chest control squeeze now slowly come back to the middle.Then obviously you'll switch sides do it with the other hand as far as the hands you want both palms facing down just about shoulder width apart.

The second one is going to be a band crunch so you're going to drop down onto your knees scooting back to the back of your mat and you're gonna grab the band just a little bit wider than shoulder width apart.Now keep the band right in front of your head you're going to pull your ab muscles in crunch your elbows down to your knees.It's all about pulling your abs into your spine if you just use momentum and you go down you're not engaging your abs.Pull your abs up and then crunch over so you'll be able to feel the difference.

The last one if you have the sliders the ones that I'm using have foam on one side hard plastic on the other so you can go hardwood or you can go carpet.Since we've got concrete so hands are down on the floor each starting at a high plank position,pull your hips up to the sky,return back to that high plank position pull and push weight on my legs.Then pushing back I trim in no further than need under the hip and push right back out.If you need to modify further take one leg up at a time.So there's three really great ab exercises we had the woodchopper with the resistance band we had the band crunch and then we hadthe slider Pike or tuck or single leg knee to elbow.