WODFitters Exercise Band with Door attachment Home Gym System

Hi guys, I'm Sydney here with you to give really great exercises for the total body using our exercise band home gym system.

I've got my bands anchored to the door ranging from red all the way up to green you can do this with our door attachment if you have the home gym set. I highly recommend it because it got handles, ankle straps, and a door attachment so if you haven't checked that out make sure you check it out. But if you don't have that you can also anchor it to just your door on a door frame or on door handle.

The first movement total body we're going to do wood chopper lunge. Hold your band right out in front of you at waist height closest hand to the door. Your outside hand is going to be overhand you're going to rotate sideways as you lunge that lunging away from your anchor point to get your legs, your abs, and your arms and bring it back to the front with control so that where your abs are most engaged.

Second one you're going to step inside the band or take it over your head and do squat jumps Stand wide with your feet you're going to swing land soft step it back and blend step if you feel good about that. You can always jump back and forth so it's going utilize your squats at a time. I work out with a little bit of cardio and you're going to do right on top of your hip bones. So it's not in your stomach but right on your hip bone.

Everyone for sprints leans forward and drive continuously with your arms, keep the abs tight and look forward. So three really great moves that are going to target your total body all in each boot. The squat jumps obviously require your stabilizer muscles and you get out there to make sure that you're not flopping back so that the door attachment position is really great for utilizing your core and then, of course, the woodchopper can be done from this angle. You can also put it up top in your door anchor pulling it down diagonally.