Here are great stretches to improve your front squat and a couple of the main joints that you use, that require mobility in your front squat, hips, your shoulders and lat area.

1. A couple of stretches using our balance pad and then the floss bands. If you don't have floss bands, you can also grab anything like a towel or a t-shirt that you can put over your head just about two feet wide.

2. You're holding the bar right in this little divot on your shoulder. So your hands have to be here. One of the first things that you do need is wrist flexibility. Twist it once so you've got a little tension and then pull backwards, towards your chest and then you can also flip it over. 

3. Some can't get their elbows up to this tabletop position but it's a result of a tight latch. So one of the best ways to do that is take the band & loop it around your arm. Pull it up overhead keeping your chest nice and straight..

4. Chest is straight, hips are straight and as you pull it over, you're going to feel that stretch all down the side here. So make sure you're coming up first and then pull over a little bit of forward tilt with the shoulder.

5. Stretch over your chest to get the posterior deltoid which kind of ties into that lat area. The lower body range of motion the mobility when you get down into the front squat.

6. Hips need to be comfortable in that position of a full squat down at the bottom. So put one leg, one knee down on the balance pad and stretch that other leg out to the side as you sit back into your stretch, take your band and actually reach forward.

7. Take the band right across your chest set your hips back as you reach your hands forward, sit there and then to practice that forward extension of the hip, activate the gluteus bring your hips all the way back.

8. Knee is on the pad. You're stretching your other leg out to the side, switch legs.

9. Straight leg here taking your band from the chest reach out forward as you stretch your hip back and that inner thigh, loosening up.

10.You have to have a flexible wrist to hold that bar here on top, the lat can sometimes prohibit this tabletop front rack position so we stretch the lat up over top.

11.Bent down onto our balance pad put one knee down on that stretch the other out to the side, lean down into that half squat position.