WODFitters Grip Handled Resistance Band Set for Mobility Workouts Anywhere

Hi,I'm here and I wanted to give you guys a couple exercises with the resistance bands.

The first one I'm going to double up this band and to go cross body curls so coming across one two three just hits another angle of your bicep.We know that like we've talked about before the bicep there's only so many ways that you can do a curl so hitting it at a different angle always an opportunity for muscle development.Put the band on the arch of your shoes keep your elbows nice and high curl up to your shoulders.

The challenge here is keeping the elbows up so it's not a row but instead arching up and over in a bicep curl.If you're working a little bit more of your shoulder an option for you is to take the band just step on half of it. So you've still got this band up top you can go overhead raises.Keeping it nice and wide overhead slow on the way back down before you relax lift right back up.There you go and then if you want to take your feet just a little bit wider another great shoulder exercise as a woodchopper.

The handles are together you want to go up over to one side back to the opposite up and over and with these resistance bands the more control you have or the slower you go the more and you'll get that really great burn.

The last one then I'll give you now is going to be for your triceps so if you take the band back behind you step on it with both feet and then you're going to take your handles up and overhead.Click them together and then you're gonna bring bend your arms so from the side bend and press and this is one where you can really feel your muscle trying to figure out how to control the move.You'll feel your triceps shape a little bit and as always on your tricep extensions whether you have a resistance band or a dumbbell make sure your elbows stay nice and closed to protect that shoulder joint.

Come up overhead extend and then bring it back out to the side come up to the front and safely lower so hit the biceps pin the triceps and always work on the shoulders for a great upper body development.I'm using my handles attachments from our new home gym so if you guys are interested in that I'll post the link below but it's great for I'm doing upper body work.Because you know sometimes if you use the band and you grip it for so long it's hard on your hands so we've got these really great rubber grip handles.