WODFitters Home Gym Exercise Band Handles and Attachment Set

I am here to talk to you about our WODFitters Home Gym Exercise Band Handles and Attachment Set which comes in nice carrying bag.

We've got three different attachments.

1. First one, door attachment. It comes with a foam circle just one piece for this one and your band is going to stick out from the foam circle when you're going to shut your door right over top. This is going to be left on the side of the door this is where your band goes to do all your exercises.

2.Second thing is ankle and wrist attachments - Velcro opening nice padded inside so it won't rub against your ankles or your wrists. Velcro closing and then of course metal clamp just going to open and close allowing you to put your bands inside and two pieces to that one

3. Last one which is rubber grip handles, these also come with the metal clips just come right apart and the rubber grip allows you to not have breakdown of your handles where the foam handles sometimes get sweaty and they break down the more that you use them nice rubber grips and the metal clamps on the end.

How do you use these? Let's start with your door attachment can be used with any bands. I'm going to take our pull-up bands as far as the door attachment goes you've got this opening in the front your slide your pull-up band through and loop it just like you would at the gym with a bar or a rig again you close your door over top the a foam circle goes outside the door this loop goes inside towards you and then you've got your door attachment as for the wrists and ankle straps you're going to be using these metal clips.

Second one you get them clipped on decide what exercises you want to do and throw it right around your wrists or your ankle easy velcro close and you've got your wrist and ankle attachments obviously the same kind of thing on your ankles.

Lastly our rubber hand grips same thing as the ankle straps it just clips right on and the second one so we've got your two grips facing towards you and the handles can rotate around on the pull-up band as well so you're not locked in at one position you can go a little wider.

This gym set is perfect for traveling or taking the gym to your house so you can have all these exercises total body at home wherever you are.