WODFitters Knee Sleeves

The best way to make sure that your lower body lift stays safe is to make sure your joints stay in line.

I'm going to use my WODFitters Knee Sleeves today to make sure all my lower body lifts are safe with my knees.

1.The first movement we're going to do is an overhead squat keeping those shoulders nice and relaxed and making sure my knees stay in line with my toes all right

2.The second movement we're going to go into a hang clean, using the hips you're going to extend catching at the shoulders as the weight gets heavier your joints will need that added support to make sure everything stays safe.

3.The last movement we're going to do is a kettlebell lunge, again a lot of impact on your knees so as you step forward the knees give you just a little bit of mental and physical protection to make sure you stay injury-free throughout your whole workout.

Try these out and stay injury-free for your best workouts.