WODFitters Mini band,Leather Hand grips,Wrist Wrap,Weight lifting belt and Knee sleeves for total body workout

I'm here to explain about the five products which makes you to excercise for the whole body.

1.The first thing that we have on sale is our mini bands.we have a set of five for squat walks.You can take it a squat and then you can also use this band to train the knees to stay on at the bottom so when you squat this band is going to try to pull in on your knees forcing your knees out.It helps train those muscles to not allow them to cave in at the bottom when the weight starts to add up.They're so versatile and easy to use.

2. The second thing is the leather hand grips.This is a suede leather with white and black colours.Two finger holes are here with velcro so you can right around your wrist.You're gonna put your middle finger and ring finger in the holes and straps right around your wrists so you will have a little bit better grip and get protection all along the main points.It gonna help anything like for push-ups and pull-ups or for skipping. 

3. The third thing is the wrist wraps.This is long and there is a tie at the end.This is just going to give you some added support for anything that you're using the bar.Your hands with wrists are not as strong as our arms so you can prefer it.It just going to give you some added support when your hands really need it holding heavy barbells,dumbbells,kettlebells excetera.It is little bit thicker in terms of flexibility.

4. The fourth thing is the Weight lifting belt.When we are lifting heavy we could prefer it.You can use it for heavy back squats and front squats especially goes right above the hip bones.You need to be strong at the bottom or at front squat.It is really going to help those heavy barbell lifts,the kettlebells,the dumbbells etc.,

5. The last thing is your knee sleeves.It just going to help you in those knee movements like squats and deadlifts.The track of your kinetic movement can sometimes get off so any kind of added support is only going to enhance the way that your body moves and performs.