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WODFitters Peanut Lacrosse ball and Foam roller for self-massage

Posted by Katalin Cseke on

Hi I'm here to give you some quick tips to use our foam roller and our peanut lacrosse balls.

1. First, we start with our peanut lacrosse ball. We have two different colours the black and the red but you can see there are two lacrosse balls that are bound together. We're actually gonna start placing it on the back of your neck between or put the two sides of the ball right around your spine. So we're going to lay down flat find your surface first and then put your lacrosse ball on your neck. After you establish the tight point on your neck which is probably in the lower half you want to actually do some chin tucks. Make sure you're not pressing too hard that range of motion will be about an inch it won't be a big range of motion. So keep your head on the floor tuck your chin open and close.

2. Next, we'll jump onto the foam roller after you've got your neck loosened up a little bit. You want to hit the foam roller right between your shoulder blades and I just want you to open and close your elbows. Add pressure on your spine with your shorter blades as you close them you're opening up the pressure on the rhomboids to the foam roller. So keep practice opening and closing right in the thoracic spine right between your shoulder blades. When you find that really tender spot just hold right. Just let that foam roller put some added pressure on the top of that back and your thoracic spine.


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