WODFitters Physical Therapy Band For Yoga And Long Flat Workout Exercise

Hi, I'm here to explain about the Yoga band for long flat exercises.

It is my very favorite stretch using our yoga bands a kind of cool it down and give my body some time to just ease up in terms of the hip flexors and the hamstrings.This is the heavy resistance so I'm going to pop that onto my mat I'm gonna start on my knees and very first motion of them is for my hip flexor.I'm taking my yoga band about 12 inches apart,open up my chest and as I open up my chest I gonna sink forward with my hip so this hip flexor is pushing forward towards the ground.

Let your hips sink toward the ground as a high-intensity workout goes or has a lot of running goes on in your workout.Your hip flexors have to do a lot of pulling on your legs to get your legs to come up so the hip flexors definitely need to be stretched daily.Come back up to the top and I want you to hold that position for three rounds of 30 seconds per side. So we'll do three rounds here then we'llswitch over to the other leg same thing hips sink forward as the chest opens up and you're also going to get a really great stretch in your abs.So hip flexors abs chest shoulders it's kind of a total body stretch but the focus here will be on your hip flexors.

I want you to pull your abs back in and shift your weight back pulling the band down over your toe and pulling your chest down towards your leg.Get a deep stretch in your hamstring as you pull your chest closer and closer to your foot into the ground.Now you can release it come back up and it can be a nice little flow of stretch float and stretch forward get the hip flexor looping around your toe.

If you're not ready for that hamstring stretch just drop the band after you're coming out of your hip flexor stretch,just lean backwards and pulling your toe up towards your face.Your hamstring are likely tight they're being used a lot so use this yoga mat as a cool-down stretch also if you are someone who drives a lot of who sits in the chair in an office a lot in this position hip flexors are going to be tight.