WODFitters Pull Up Band for Warm-up Stretches and Drills

Hi, it's Sydney and I came here to give you a couple of really great warm-up stretches and drills to get you ready for the 18.2 open using our pull-up bands.

First you're actually going to be laying out on the mat and loop your bands right around your shoe.we're just going to do a regular squat stretch for this first one and you've got are facing burpees and dumbbells front squats so we need your squat to be nice and warmed up. You're relaxed and pull back in keeping your knee closed kick and relax and pull that knee back in close make sure there's an active stretch so you're not holding a static stretch. I think if when you're going to lay over onto your back keeping them in on one toe and going to crossbody attacks so cross over tap your foot pull back to the top. It's going to activate your glutes again for front squat and we're just opening up the glutes and then rotating the hips as well.

The next one you're actually going to put the band overshoes and open up your legs wide grabbing onto that top band. Pull your chest down and relax, it's going to be a lot of hip flexion with the barbell burpees and the squats keep moving up and down and back and forth. Let's open them up and close them as well with your band and then I'll give you a couple without the band. It's just a regular squat so you're going to put the band around the both of your feet. Drop down throw it over your head and over one of your shoulders.

I'm going to stand and sit taking those knees right outside of your band and step the hips at the top spend a little time at the bottom getting those hips comfortable with the body position like in your squat and extend all the way at the top.The last couple just going to be some mobility drills for the markup burpees. We're going to do horizontal jump to vertical jump so jump up and that's going to get you activated for jump overs and then, of course, everything works together in sync with your core for the front squats.