WODFitters Pull-up Band With Hand Grips,Door setup and Ankle Attachment Set for Whole body Workouts

Hi guys, it's Sydney your very own wodfitters personal trainer.

I have some super cool news to share with you, we have pull-up band attachments now.Three different kinds and your first kind I'm just going to give you a sneak peak and then show you some exercises.

The first one is a door attachment, a foam circle nice long loop here you're going to take your pull-up band loop it and just like you do on your pull-up bar. You're gonna make that knot and pull it nice and tight so this is where you shut the door right over your band and then you've got this end to work.

The second one my personal favorite is the rubber-coated hand grips.They clip on to your pull-up band with nice Clips with rubber coated and you're gonna grip both of them onto your pull-up band to use anywhere.I'm going to show you a ton of exercises using your hand grips in future.

As well last but not least we have the wrist and ankle attachments.These are velcro so you're gonna open them up put your wrist or your ankle inside close it up and then you've got two wrists and ankles to do a lot of great exercises for your upper body and your lower body.