WODFitters Pull up Bands for Overhead Movements

Hi guys it's Sydney and I'm here to give you the best warm up for your 18.3 open.

I'm gonna start out with our Wodfitters pull up band and I also have some dumbbells here for our overhead movements to get your shoulders wound up if you have the Ox when you use a barbell and you like to warm up that way for your overhead movements to get the last warm you can use that as well.So first movement we're going to do is band pass through and take the bend over your head and back can your hands aren't as wide as you need them to be rotating forward and backward.Let's go about ten reps of that one your second one's gonna be a band pull apart so start with the things right in front of your chest squeezing your shorter but it's going to pull back and right over your chest. If that's too much you drop half of the band and just go with one half same exact motion squeezing the shoulder blades back igniting your triceps at the back of your shoulders so you get that pull motion and warmed up for your body.

The next one is going to be impacts and pyro and get some power out the ground and work on the snatch part of the work.So you're gonna pull up to your chest down and switch down and switch leading up with that elbow just like you would and you're gonna snatch. Last three groups of those I've got here not as heavy as petition weight but letting us to practice the movement at the body warm first.

The very first one we're going to do is an overhead squat so arms are just outside your shoulder with dropping it down relaxing your shoulders at the top gaze is forward and you're sitting your hips back sinking into those heels. Three to five reps there you need to use and we're both a little bit more confident like the competition you can use that as well.

Next one is just going to be overhead and lunge from the side shoulders are gathered relaxed core is tight. I came just warming up those legs right in the last one I'm gonna get through the actual snatch pull up across your body switch before you get down pull with a full extension and switch before you hit the ground extending those hips extending through the arm and up to the top of the rim. So let me know what you guys think you use these moves for your warmup do you use different moves to warm you up for the 18.3.