WODFitters resistance bands for lower body fitnes

Coming at you with this "light", yet very effective way to stay active and fit even while vacationing. Pack some bands which take up NO space and you're all set for a cool workout with an amazing view! ❤
I still can't even believe I am finally here, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. People are so kind, the food is amazing, and the view is something out of a fantasy. ..
For this routine, I did 3 Sets of each x 20 Reps as follows:
1) Around the world
2) Donkey Kicks
3) Deadlifts
4) Hip Thrusts
5) Sumo Squats
6) Stiff Legged Crossover Deadlifts
7) Stationary (3 pumps) Lunges
8) Goblet (3 pumps) squats
9) Good Mornings


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