WODFitters Resistance Bands for Pull Up Assist and Mobility Exercise

Hi,I'm here with you to give some quick tips on Pull up bands.

I'm going to start with an exercise that kind of combines both of these what you're gonna do is get the peanut kind of so it's comfortable. It doesn't matter what band use again it should be kind of comfortable and the idea here is this band is going to kind of stretch your arms back,bridge up and arch your back.Just roll and isolate different areas of your back to help get yourself moving.This is going to help kind of getting you extended with any kind of exercise.You're doing squatting,lifting and jumping hold this for time move up and down.You can also do it without the band just let go the band you can get your hands behind your head this is a little less aggressive.It's not getting in there quite as much so maybe you start with this and then progress to the band as you get more comfortable with it.Again you don't need to go forever with this I would just go a couple minutes at a time keep it comfortable keep it in the middle of your spine.Then just work it up and down rolling it.