WODFitters Resistance Bands for Squats

@marialeacostaig is using the WODFitters resistance bands for a challenging outside workout.

Another outdoor workout or really anywhere workout. A little hamstring and glute action today. Banded ( @wodfitters ) good mornings with a squat. How to:

1. Place band under feet and around traps. (Band color and thickness determines the resistance).

2. Feet in a squat stance. You can find this out by jumping and noticing where your feet land.

3. Shoulders blades pinched back. Keep a neutral spine the whole time. Aka don’t let your back bend into an upside U.

4. Good morning: slight bend in the knees. Back straight. Hinge at the hip. Come down to a 90 degree angle. Feel it in your hamstrings (back part of the leg) come back up.

Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. 5. Squat. Come straight down. Weight should be on your toe and heel. Feeling your arch press up from the ground. Pretend like you’re sitting into a chair.

Come down to parallel. Butt back, chest up, knees out. Drive up through your arch and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.

6. Inhale going down. Exhale coming up.

7. Repeat..


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