WODFitters Slant Board,Balance Board,Workout Mat,Weight Lifting Belt for Whole Body Fitness

Hi I'm here to reveal the secrets of whole body fitness with the following products.

1. We're going to start with our lifting belt which always comes in a really nice carrying case.It comes in three different sizes small,medium and large and it's a velcro belt so you're gonna open it up and close easily. It helps with you for back squats deadlifts anything where you need to be bracing your core and the lower back may or maynot be compromised.It is going to keep your back straight and not let you drown down.I'll keep saying nice and tight but this is basically just four coresupport.The weightlifting beltis 63% off right now.

2. Our next one is a kind of very favorites and one of the favorites for all the runners in the community is the slant board.It comes with sandpaper on the part that you put your feet so you're not going to slide off and comes with a really nice set up.Here is the different levels that you can insert the board with four different angles.So try to do this one-handed you're gonna put your slant board in a slot that best fits the severity of your calf tightness.Most people have this up against the wall so you can kind of lean against the wall.This is going to be 75% off.

3. The next one is our Knee sleeves and if you are a lifter you've probably heard of the Knee sleeves they come in three different sizes.It add support for your squats or deadlifts the moves that you're bending your knees and additional support if you've had any knee injuries.It's going to be 79 percent off.

4. The next one as it is the balance board great for core work.You've got the round disc on the bottom and flat surface gonna be sand paper as well. You're going to stand on top put one to it on the side and then lift the other one on top.This one is 60% off and you're working on your handstand push-ups which that is a challenge in itself we have the balance tag and as you can see I get a lot of use out of mine.

5. The next is the Balance pad.Let's keep this for the handstand push-ups.You're going to throw it up against the wall that's going to be the landing pad for your head then you come down another couple ways to use it of course for the core as well.If you're coming back from a knee injury an ankle injury just working on standing on this unbalanced surface okay without rolling off to the side helps your ankle strength develop and reconnect with your core. If you have one leg that's stronger than the other working on maybe your pistol squats with one leg off balance.It's really versatile piece as well black and red and this one is70% off.

6. Now I'm going to show you is your cork yoga mat.It's got the nice labeling here one side is cork and the other side is black rubber so not going to slide.It is very slide resistant and so very versatile. It's a really great product to have around the house and is 75% off on sale.

7. Next we'll jump onto the foam roller after you've got your neck loosened up a little bit.You want to hit the foam roller right between your shoulder blades and I just want you to open and close your elbows.Add pressure on your spine with your shorter blades as you close them you're opening up the pressure on the rhomboids to the foam roller.So keep practice opening and closing right in the thoracic spine right between your shoulder blades.When you find that really tender spot just hold right.Just let that foam roller put some added pressure on the top of that back and your thoracic spine.

8. Finally,we will see our workout mat they come in black and red.I like to use them for work outs that are a little bit slower, I think they are about an inch and a half thick.So it is thicker than our normal and are gonna be 50% off.