WODFitters Wooden Slant Board For Calf Stretching

I'm going to show you today four variations of calf stretches that you can use your WODFitters Slant Board to utilize.

I'm going to open on my slant board. I have four slots between 20 and 50 degrees I'm going to place mine in the second slot.

1. Your first option, it's just a 1-foot stretch hold so you're going to lean that knee forward over the top of your toe.

2. The second option is just a pulse back and forth should be able to get a little bit farther each time you pulse forward.

3. Your third option I'm actually going to raise it up one more slot we're going to go two feet on the top first option is a two foothold if you're unstable make sure you have something in front of you to hold on to.

4. Your fourth option is just a bend alternating one knee at a time so you can isolate one calf as you stretch the other one placing your heel down on the slant board, judge based off of your own mobility and place your slots exactly where you need them.