Wrist workout by @theclimbclinic using WODFitters bands

Here's a dialed warm-up you can do anywhere you are. Using #wodfittersband and simple equipments you can find at home.

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If improving your pinching abilities is on the to-do list, here's good one to get started. 👌

Strong and flexible wrists are essential for everyday activities. Whether you're driving a car, lifting weights, typing, cooking, or doing anything else with your hands, your wrists are involved.

Here's a great #wriststrengthandstability exercise using minimal equipment that you can do anywhere.

2 accessory #strengthtraining strategies to promote the core tension, hip mobilitiy and overall lower body strength.

by the expert @theclimbclinic 🙌
Don't forget to check his page for amazing #strenthtraining tips and ideas.

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