@catsclubfitness ・・・ Progress happens with dedication and discipline. We are so proud of @pumpkinqueeness progress. Pull ups are difficult to do without PRACTICE... We use accessories like @wodfitters resistance bands to help Vanessa and all of our members continue to improve. or

"@carlmojs ・・・ Back to basics. Trying to strengthen my shoulder and static hold strength. 🚩👍" or

@theintuitiveyogi of @modernathletichealth with our new KX10 Home Gym Set. Some active stretching and core work here paying attention to rib placement and alignment. Also a great way to get a stretch through the lats, triceps, and sub-scap..! 💪 . or

How many pull-ups can you do? Do you do kipping pull-ups? Assisted pull-ups? Strict pull-ups? Pull up to the gym then drive away 😂🙃 Comment below 👇🏼 Pull-ups.. Let’s talk about them. It’s a love/ hate relationship. Love the burn but hate how hard they can be. I know, I get it 🙋🏻‍♀️ But.. if you’re not good at something, that’s an even bigger reason to do it until you get good at them. There’s progressions and regressions to this movement. And I don’t want to hear the excuse that...

@theintuitiveyogi . . Since age 16 I have struggled with anorexia, exercise addiction, supplement abuse and addiction, and body dysmpophia. I turned 31 on Sunday and I honestly at one point never thought I’d even live past my 18th birthday with how sick I was and how severe my eating and exercise disorder was. Now, 13 years later, I am finally learning balance, how to exercise without injuring myself, how to be more flexible with my food choices, and to love and accept whatever I may or may not see...

@coachedwardosorio ・・・ In this video I am performing some VRT, that’s Variable Resistance Training. My goal for the fall/winter is to get stronger and more powerful. I trained more athletic and my endurance has increased and I’m looking good, so the next step for me is to get strong AF! This set, I have light bands pulling down on the bar, and 45s, this was my 3rd ramp up set, and my final weight was 45, 10, and 5lbs plates for a total of 60lbs on each side. Do the...

@Turganomon used the WODFitters Mini Resistance Bands around the forefoot to target the glutes over other muscles while doing side monster walks. or

@livingfit247_deniece, thanks for a great workout! ・・・ 5 MIN EMOM W/ BANDS💪 2 moves and 2 Bands...5 minutes of Core and upper body! . Set your timer for 5 minutes... Start each minute with #1. High Plank- alternating opposite arm and leg extending laterally. 20 total! Finish the rest of minute with... #2. Knee raises while turning shoulders out pressing against band. Keep core engaged! * youll go back to #1 at the start of each minute . or

Homegrownzones using the Resistance Bands to stretch her body doing work to Hip Flexor Exercises or

@Homegrownzones using the Resistance Bands to stretch her body doing work to Hip Flexor Exercises or