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5 Tips for Those Struggling with Pull Ups

1. Strengthen Your Grip

Being able to handle the strain of holding your weight with your grip is extremely important for proper pull-ups. When your grip is weak, you will be forced to stop sooner. To strengthen your grip, practice hanging from the pull up bar for extended periods of time. Start with 10 seconds and work up to a minute or two.

2. Focus on Strengthening Your Back

Strong back muscles are going to help you get the best results when you are doing pull-ups. Practice ring rows, TRX rows and other types of inverted rows to strengthen your lats and key back muscles.

3. Start with Jumping Negatives

The eccentric movement of a pull-up is easier than the concentric - it's easier going down than going up when performing a pull-up. Start by practicing jumping up to the bar until your chin is over the bar and then lowering your body slowly back down. Perform 6-10 of these jumping negatives at a time.

4.Practice Holding the Top of the Pull Up Position

Use a stool or jump up to the bar and hold your body at the highest position possible until you can't handle it anymore. Do this repeatedly a few times for each session.

5. Train with Pull-Up Bands

These resistance bands add that extra bit of resistance to your workout that not only forces your body to perform better but ultimately provides lasting results. Just loop the band around the pullup bar, put your foot or knee into the band and pull yourself up. The stronger you get the less assistance you will need. You can transition from thicker bands to thinner bands until you can loose the bands altogether.

WODFitters owner and Level 1 Trainer Kat has used these techniques over and over to help people achieve their first pull up. The WODFitters pull up band set is designed to be the ultimate helper for those who decide to finally master the king of the bodyweight movement, the elusive pull up.

"Pull ups are not a privilege of a select few, but you do have to work hard to finally graduate to them. Our bands are there to support you every step of the way." says Kat from WODFitters.

Jason, one of WODFitters long time customers is just one of the many people who experienced extraordinary success with pull up bands:

"I have a squat rack that has a pull up bar attached, but as big as I am it's impossible for me to do a single pull up. Based on the positive reviews, I purchased the strongest one (blue), me being a solid 250lbs. What I did was loop it around the top bar and tried it with my knee at first which was pretty hard...then I nervously put my foot in the loop and stood in it. That was the sweet spot!

Not only did it hold me while stretched out...I was able to do 2 sets of 6 reps of chin ups! ....Is this not every mans dream since grade school when they humiliate you in front of everyone trying to do the pull up test?

I'm so excited to be able to add pull ups to my workout routine. It's one of the best exercises on the planet."

Ad of course, pull ups are not just for men. Kerri, also a long time WODFitters user also documented her incredible journey and success:

"I was only able to do 1 chin up and 0 pull ups before I bought the purple band. (I weigh about 125 and the single purple band is perfect resistance for me). I have worked up to 7 assisted chin ups and 5 assisted pull ups in a row. I can also do 2 unassisted chin ups now. It sounds funny to be excited over doing 2 chin ups, but if you are like me, and have never been able to master them, its a huge accomplishment! The band lets you go through the full range of motion of the exercises so you can develop all the muscles needed to do them on your own. Its still hard with the band. I am so sore afterwards."

Pull Up Band Video

Try the WODFitters Pull Up Bands if you want to finally master those difficult pull ups.

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Great Resistance bands for use at home and on the road. Would definitely recommend them.
- Howard

I think these are quality bands and have been working great. I highly recommend WODFitters, and these bands.
- Jeff

I needed a resistance band for at home and these WODFitters bands were affordable! They ran a sale and I grabbed one, wish I would have grabbed a few various sizes. I have the black band and it's just enough that I can do banded pulls and various stretches with it. I need more resistance for pull-ups because I'm not strong enough yet but they have one that would be perfect for that too. I love that they send you instructions and information/tips on how to use this!
- Rossy

These bands are awesome! Have the whole family doing assisted pull-ups now. The bands are very heavy duty and the handy pouch that came with them keeps them organized. If you are looking for some bands I'd highly recommend the WODFitters!
- Brent

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