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Digital 12 Week Banded Resistance Program Powered By Reed Sothoron - With or Without Bands

Digital 12 Week Banded Resistance Program Powered By Reed Sothoron - With or Without Bands

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Included in this 12-week Banded Resistance Program are over 100 different exercises with videos of Reed explaining how to execute each movement properly.  

The program has been set up so that you can workout in the comfort of your home while getting the maximum result with no fear of injury.  

This program consists of 3 phases with each phase consisting of 4 training workouts a week.  

Once you purchase the program, we will send you the 9 RESISTANCE BANDS  that are included in this program.  

This also includes an initial consultation to go over the program and help answer any questions that you have.


About Reed Sothoron:

Reed Sothoron is a fitness professional who has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years specializing in training people in a pain-free manor and getting them the results that they didn’t think were possible. He has trained every type of client, whether it be competitive athletes, pre/post-natal, amputees, quadriplegics, general population and seniors.

Reed prides himself on pushing his body beyond his physical limitations to not only prove to himself that anything is possible but to show his clients, family and friends that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself.

A few highlights of Reed’s athletic achievements include becoming an All-American Lacrosse Goalie at Towson University his junior and senior years, playing 3 years of professional lacrosse, completing 11 marathons, 2 half ironman, climbing
Mt. Kilimanjaro and participating on the show “American Ninja Warrior.” His goal for 2022 is to finish his first ever Full Ironman!

- Former Major League Lacrosse Player

- Former General Manager at Under Armour Performance Center 

- Coach and Trainer at heart, Reed is amazing in his ability to design workouts that are challenging, effective and exhilarating. 

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