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KX10 Band Handle Set SPECIAL OFFER

KX10 Band Handle Set SPECIAL OFFER

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The WODFitters Home Gym Handle Set makes your band workout even more convenient, portable and fun! It allows you to perform an unlimited amount of exercises in the comfort of your home or while you travel. It is practically a gym you can take anywhere. 

Take WODFitters iconic exercise band system with you anywhere with our travel set! This resistance band home gym system is great for traveling fitness fans who don’t have time to find a local gym. Combine your bands with these. handles to give you a whole series of exercises to perform. Work any muscle group with this fantastic fitness product!

Here is what you receive:

- 2 Heavy Duty Metal handles that latch onto your bands without a need for a carabiner hook - These handles make it easy to grab on to the bands and basically turn your bands into dumbbells / machines.

- 1 Door Attachment so you can use your bands with suspension even if you don't have access to a gym. Just anchor it at a door and you are ready to go! Ideal for triceps and biceps exercises as well as lat pull downs.

- Access to our VIP Group where you can access hours of training and our resident personal trainer who can help you put together the best exercises for you. Join hundreds of like minded people and take your training to the next level. 

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