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Ab Muscle Stimulator Trainer with USB Charging

Ab Muscle Stimulator Trainer with USB Charging

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Our EMS muscle stimulator has 6 modes and 10 current frequency levels to meet your daily exercise needs

In Modes 1-2 the current is low, it is designed to burn fat;

In Modes 3-4 the current is moderate, it stimulates r muscle growth;

In Modes 5-6 the current is strong, it provides strong elastic movements to strengthen the muscles of your body.

The Abdominal Belt supports 3-in-1 USB charging.

It can be charged with a safe and easy connection from a laptop, mobile battery, portable charger, car power supply.

When fully charged (charging time is about 30 minutes), it can be used about 3 times (an operating time is 20 minutes).

Suggested Use: About 20-30mins / day:

It equates to 1500M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 30 minutes of free swimming,

We recommend that you improve your diet while using this product.



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