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NEW! - Shoulder Pain Secrets Exposed - Online Course with Dr. Nick Chretien

NEW! - Shoulder Pain Secrets Exposed - Online Course with Dr. Nick Chretien

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Unleash Your Potential with Dr. Nick's Online Mini Course

End Clicking Shoulders, Rotator Cuff Imbalances & Poor Shoulder ROM!

An Online Course with a Lifetime of Advice

When it comes to the shoulder, it's cause and effect. If you have janky stuff in your shoulder you ignore, then your shoulders are going to reflect that with poor mechanics, weakness, clicking, and Pain!

When you perform high-intensity workouts that minimize rest time, have heavy loads, and have tons of reps, your muscles absorb large amounts of stress, causing microtears and restriction in the muscle. But, at the shoulder joint, you can't afford for even one muscle to be locked short from overuse stress - you need them all working at full capacity. This course will help you find your problem and fix it quickly from the comfort of your own home!

Learning to treat your shoulder has never been as simple as it is in this mini course! It features a working menu for each video, high resolution anatomy graphics, simple terms, and step-by-step hand-holding instructions. You're getting hooked up!

Simple System with EPIC Results!

This Shoulder Pain Secrets system promises to take the guesswork out of where your shoulder issues reside, directing you to the exact areas and treatments needed, followed up with specific exercises to help your shoulders STAY feeling right!

And, Yes, we're even going to help you get rid of those clicking shoulders! This program couldn't be better for the money!

But, in the case of the shoulder you really need to act fast. The shoulder is the one area where poor mechanics throughout heavy usage (e.g. shoulder workouts) is very likely to cause much more severe and permanent problems, like rotator cuff tearing and permanent joint arthritis.

Once you purchase you will immediately get access to this course. True, you can start right away!

And don't think it'll be possible to walk away being the same person after this course. The included quiz is going to make sure you grasp the most important concepts before you walk away from this course.

And What If You Don't Even Have Pain?

The point of this material is to teach you when and how to maintenance and strengthen. If you're every athlete in the entire world, you want to be able to:

  • Speed Your Recovery
  • Boost Performance
  • Improve Your Mobility
  • Reduce the Risk For Injury
  • AND UNLEASH Your Potential!

It's all here in this one-stop-shop shoulders miracle mini-course! C'mon in!

-Developed by Dr. Nick Chretien, chiropractor and soft tissue expert
This is an ONLINE course, no physical product will be shipped. You will receive your login shortly after purchase by email. :) 
  • Dr. Nick Chretien is a sports chiropractor who focuses on soft tissue injuries.
  • He earned his doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College in 2013. He is also a certified kinesiotape practitioner, Gaston certified, and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.
  • He is a Full Body Active Release Techniques provider, which is a prestigious certification for treating myofascial problems throughout 400 separate structures in the body.
  • Dr. Nick worked inside of a large CrossFit gym in Houston for 3 years, while studying mobility exercises and coaching athletes.
  • In 2015 He published “Mobility” - a 5 star rated book on Amazon
  • He has been voted the best chiropractor in Galveston for the last 2 years in a row.
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