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WODFitters Bearing PRO Jump Rope

WODFitters Bearing PRO Jump Rope

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Tired of struggling with double unders? Are you ready to break your double under PRs? Determined to master one of the hardest and most efficient cardio routines? 

Now you can! WODFitters introduces the unique Bearing PRO jump rope for even the toughest WODs. Contrary to most speed ropes on the market today, this revolutionary jump rope has double metal bearings ensuring extra fast and extra smooth movement. 

The WODFitters Bearing PRO rope spins seamlessly. The thin cable rope and bearings make all the difference. The cable is thin, yet it has enough weight so you can feel it through the DUs but it does not wear you out trying to whip it around. The handles are light, comfortable and easy to grip. The double bearing construction requires minimal wrist turn. It allows you to find your rhythm and crush your DU PR. 

Most athletes report instant improvement. Many report finally stringing double unders together after the first time with this rope. 

This rope is very easy to adjust without any tools. It is also completely kink free so you can toss it on the floor in the middle of your workout and it doesn't get tangled like other ropes would. 

The WODFitters Bearing PRO comes with a handy carrying case and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Pick up your WODFitters Bearing PRO rope today and dominate this challenging move. Or consider buying 2 so you can keep one at home and one at the gym.

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