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WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope

WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope

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Are you cross training? Are you a fitness fanatic? Or maybe you just found your calling and want to start living a healthy life. Whether you are practicing single unders or training to master double unders, you need a quality rope to get the most out of your jump rope workouts. A rope that is light yet sturdy, has an ergonomic handle with bearings allowing the rope to turn faster than other ropes so you can finally whip out those double unders. Yes, you have found it. 

Introducing WODFitter's Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.

Tough and Durable:
WODFitter's Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is not your average rope. Designed by a Level 1 trainer exclusively for fellow athletes, the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope can help you set new PRs. The rope is made from a tough and extremely durable yet very flexible kink-free coated cable that does not coil up. The handle is designed to turn the rope extremely fast allowing you to progress with double and triple unders.

Fully Adjustable:
The entire length of the rope can be easily adjusted from the maximum length of 10 feet, allowing you to get a personalized length by adjusting a couple of screws.

Still not Convinced?
WODFitter's Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is super fast due to the thin and lightweight design. The ergonomic handles mean better and more precise movements of the wrists. The adjustable size makes it a perfect fit. To top it all off, it comes in a handy carrying pouch to keep it safe in your gym bag without getting tangled.

WODFitter's Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is built to last, with satisfaction guaranteed! What more could you possibly ask for? Might as well consider picking up an extra rope for your workout buddy so they don't turn green with envy when you set your new PRs with this high quality rope.

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