Band Burnout by @28unlocked using WODFitters resistance bands

Work out anywhere, Tone up everywhere. 💪. #wodfittersbands @28unlocked・・・
🔥 Band Burnout 🔥⠀
I love utilizing long resistance bands for band assisted pull ups, stretching, core exercises, Plyo exercise and more!

So much that can be done with these bands from @wodfitters 💪 Definitely a must have for your home gym or to take a long with you to work for lunch break workout or morning stretch!

☑️ Easy storage for home/travel
☑️ Cost effective
☑️ Comes in many strengths
☑️ Helps with form for difficult movements such as pistols and pull ups

Save, tag 📌 and give this a try for your post workout burnout! Attempt each move until failure for 2 rounds

1️⃣ Band assisted Pistols
2️⃣ Band assisted jump squats
3️⃣ Lat pull down with alternating jump lunges
4️⃣ Triceps pull down

28 Unlocked is about challenging your body’s capability while understanding intuitively where your body is at based on hormonal fluctuations throughout the month! Using something like these bands would be great toward the end of your cycle or beginning when lifting heavy is too taxing due to low hormone levels.

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