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WODFitters Wrist Wraps

WODFitters Wrist Wraps

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Are you having wrist pain during your overhead lifts or front squats? Do you need more stability without losing mobility? 

When your lifting numbers start to grow, your wrists might give you problems either from over use or higher amounts of weight pulling on them. Typical cross training exercises like overhead squats, front squats, cleans, handstand push-ups can put strain on your wrists. 

WODFitters wrist wraps to the rescue! 

These wraps can help alleviate those problems. They are soft to touch yet very durable. They give just enough support and don't limit your mobility. They don't take away from doing simple workouts like pull ups and push ups, There is no need to keep on taking wrist wraps off and on to go on to the next workout. The wrist wraps work as protection while doing kettle bells workouts as well. They are simple to put on and off and are simple to clean. 

Sizing suggestions: For cross training and Oly lifting we recommend 12" or 18" to get enough support and keep your wrists mobile. The longer the strap the more support it provides. For Powerlifting or strongman athletes we recommend the 18". 

Each wrist wrap comes in a pair with a handy carrying bag so you can easily toss it into your gym bag and not have the velcro get stuck in your gym clothes. 

All WODFitters products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Warranty! 

Grab these wrist savers today so your wrists can keep up with your workout. Or consider getting 2, one for you and one for your best WOD buddy.

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