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Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

Our soothing shower tabs create an atmosphere that encourages feelings of energy and rejuvenation.

Stress relief 


Relieves muscle soreness 

Clears sinuses 

Are you tired of feeling exhausted and sore after a workout?

There's no doubt about it: a good workout takes a toll on your body and mind.

That combined with the consistent pressure of daily life can leave you feeling stressed and fatigued.

But what if there was an easy way to rejuvenate your body and mind without leaving your home?

No more feeling physically or mentally tired. No more stress weighing you down. 

...And best of all: Our recovery shower tabs are designed to dissolve in the steam of your shower, releasing scents and essential ingredients that help to clear your sinuses, relieve stress, and promote relaxation.

That would be pretty awesome right? Feeling completely refreshed just from one shower.

We are WOD Fitters - And we believe that taking care of yourself should be easy and accessible, no matter your lifestyle. That's why our Recovery Shower Tabs are a 1-step solution to post-workout recovery and relaxation..

...So you can feel your absolute best, all day every day.

Better Shower for Better Living

Other stress relief and recovery methods either require time to fill and take a hot bath or sit through a harsh ice bath for a period of time.  

At WOD Fitters, we wanted to make stress relieving tabs designed to dissolve in the steam of your shower, releasing scents and essential ingredients that help to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Step 1

Push yourself through a challenging workout.

Step 2

Drop a WODFitters Recovery Tab into the shower and let the natural ingredients do their work.

Step 3

Enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating experience as you recover and relax post-workout.

Natural Essential Oils



No Animal Testing



Recyclable Packaging



Relaxation Inducing  

Calming Aromatherapy

How It Works

Simply pop a tab into your daily shower to dissolve in the steam, releasing a blend of natural scents and ingredients that promote relaxation, muscle recovery, and relieve stress.

Step #1: Purchase and Receive 

Receive your WODFitters recovery shower tabs and prepare yourself for shower euphoria. 

Step #2: Prepare Shower Tab

Remove one individually packaged tab while your shower steam builds up.

Step #3: Place Tab in Steam

Enjoy a Relaxing spa atmosphere in your own shower and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Why It Works

Soothing aromas and essential oils infuse with shower steam for an incredible steamy shower experience.

1. Relief

The ultimate relief with our Eucalyptus and Mint Relief Shower Steamers! The most amazing solution for nasal congestion and sinus relief. Enjoy Breathing easy.

2. Recovery

The Mint, the Eucalyptus and the Baking Soda in these innovative shower tabs helps you recover and refresh even after the toughest workouts.

3. Long Lasting Effect

Our Intelligent Dosing Technology makes sure that the ingredients are activated throughout your shower providing long lasting relief and refreshment.

Our Shower Steamers and Theirs

We tested a lot of different ingredients every day after over 300 workouts until...We discovered the perfect combo. The WOD Fitters Recovery Shower Tabs give you Energy, Motivation, and EXACTLY what your body (and brain) needs after a tough workout.

Other Steamers

No noticeable difference in the shower 

Harmful un-natural ingredients 

No muscle recovery ingredients 

Dissolves too quickly

WOD Fitters Steamers

Recover in a Rejuvenating spa atmosphere 

All natural ingredients

Formulated for muscle recovery

Long lasting scent

Us vs. Them

Here is how our steamers will change your life.

Our Shower Tabs

Their Shower Tabs

Free of muscle soreness and aches 

No muscle relief

Made with natural essential oils

Harsh chemicals used for scent

Hand made in the USA

Made in overseas factories

Rejuvenating mint eucalyptus scent

Unnoticeable weak scent

Nasal congestion and sinus relief

No active sinus relief

Infused with Extra Strong Menthol

No Menthol

Extra Large 1.5 oz Shower Steamers

Tiny 1 oz Shower Steamers

30 Day Happiness Guarantee

Non Refundable

Intelligent Dosing Technology

Scent disappears in seconds

More motivated than ever before

Remain mentally sluggish 

The #1 Recovery Shower Steamer Tabs

Perfect to give that extra boost to start your day right or recover after a tough workout! Just pop it into your shower and enjoy the invigorating aromatherapy that refreshes and soothes not only your muscles but your soul as well!

1. Recovery as easy as getting in your shower 

With Epsom salt to help alleviate muscle pain and improve circulation and baking soda that reduces lactic acid build up as well as muscle soreness, your body will be more prepared for the next workout.

Our recovery shower tabs make muscle fatigue a problem of the past.

2. The best all natural ingredients  

Handmade in the USA with natural essential oils, Eucalyptus, Menthol and other natural ingredients, you can use it with confidence.

All natural ingredients, leaves nothing behind, easy to clean and completely recyclable packaging.

3. Relax and destress with a spa experience at home

Don't let mental fatigue stop you from achieving your goals.  Rejuvenate your body and mind in a relaxing spa environment in the comfort of your own home.

Essential oils and ingredients that calm and relax your mind so that you are always ready to take on what's next.

Hear It From Our Happy Customers

See why thousands of Americans love WODFitters shower steamers


"Where have these been? I must say , I didn’t really expect to like these but I do! The scent is very pleasant and when placed in the right spot will last for a long shower. I think I’m going to leave these in a bowl in the bathroom to act as a deodorant."

Asha M.

"Well these definitely have a very strong scent and definitely work at opening the airways, I am very impressed and happy with that, also around 30 minutes after use your bathroom smells Minty fresh so that's nice. They seem to be effective and I'm very happy with these."


"I enjoy these when I need a little extra rejuvenation during my morning shower. Helps me recover and opens my sinuses. It also helps to unwind after a long day and a hot shower... I recommend."


"I regularly have a stuffed up nose. I do everything I can for it but its a constant battle. This is an excellent and drug free way to help open up my nose when I'm having a rough time. It also will wake you up if you feel run down due to a poor night of sleep. I'm going to buy some more before I run out."


"We received 15 nicely wrapped fragrant disks. The disks themselves are white, so they leave no color residue in the shower. They come in a lined bag that locks the scent in. The smell is intense which helps open up your sinuses."


"This was a nice collection of shower steamers. The shower steamers have a nice aroma out of the package and provide a nice aroma in the shower as well. The steamers are thicker than average steamers and produce an aroma that both fills the shower with a subtle aromatherapy while lasting the entire shower."

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