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WODFitters Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream

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WODFitters Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream - Safe Effective Fast Natural Relief with MSM, Arnica, Glucosamine, Peppermint for Back, Neck, Hands, Feet, Knees, Muscles, Post-Workout Recovery - 4 oz

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our cream contains natural ingredients like MSM, arnica, and peppermint oil, which work together to provide a safe and effective way to manage your pain.

  • QUICK LASTING RELIEF WODFitters Joint and Muscle Therapy Cream is designed to provide fast relief from sore muscles and joints, so you can get back to your workouts as soon as possible.

  • SUPER VERSATILE: Whether you have sore shoulders, aching knees, or any other type of joint or muscle pain, this cream can be used to target any affected area.

  • ENHANCED RECOVERY: Our cream can also help improve your recovery time after a tough workout, allowing you to get back to training sooner.

  • MADE IN USA: WODFitters Joint and Muscle Therapy Cream has been used and recommended by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is made in the USA in FDA Approved GMP Facility