Banded hip thrusts are one of my favorite exercises because they can help with so many things. Strong glutes and hip stability are both key for keeping our bodies moving and feeling great! Focus on perfect form and actually feeling your butt muscles work. or

WODFitters resistance bands help to focus your control and you have great control over the angle. or

"The Bulgarian split squat is a version of a single-leg squat where the back leg is elevated on a bench or a sturdy chair. As a single-leg, unilateral squat, the exercise places a greater focus on the quadriceps than other, similar lower-body compound movements. Bulgarian split squat, even more effective while using WPDFitters resistance bands. " or

Here’s @msricheyyy showing off some great sumo deadlift form. The lateral band tension around her waist is making her have to engage her core to keep from falling over. Slow eccentrics (lowing it down) also helps her place emphasis on maintaining her braced core throughout the full range of motion. . or

Arm day..! 💪 #bands @no__excuses__training WODFitters Resistance bands are the perfect tool to add some extra intensity. The greater the resistance, the more energy you'll burn. From your triceps and biceps to your shoulders and entire core, get ready to feel the burn or

"Adding @wodfitters to home gym training equipment. Pullups are difficult aka hard AF. Determine to make'em happen in due time. Sometimes you need Lil helpers to obtain your fitness goals." or

"If you have tension in your hip, back, shoulders and are having trouble sleeping because of the pain & fatigue after a workout - this massager will be the best investment in your health for a long time. Get yours and save $140 for a limited time. ." or

#homegym owners getting creative with our patented handles and using them to carry HEAVY buckets of cement across the yard..! or

The banded bench press to add greater resistance as you press the weight into the mid and top end range of motion. or

WODFitters resistance bands used while burpee, recruit your stabilising muscles and they're fundamental for functional training. or