Beach workout by @johntparther using WODFitters resistance bands

"Always make time for a hug. 🤗 🧸

Happy Weekend Everyone! 🙌💪@johntprather ・・・

No matter how intense my workout is I always have time for a hug.

Thanks, baby, now give daddy some space, he’s an animal right now!!🐻🧸 📝

I’ve got 3 notes for you on this resistance band superset:

1️⃣adding the twist to the press intensifies the first movement

2️⃣eliminating any twist from the flys intensifies the second

3️⃣even my 2 yr old understands the concept of keeping our beaches clean.

We interrupt daddy, but we don’t litter. 🗑✔️🧼🏝🐬😃"



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