Chest Press Workout by @theclimbclinic using WODFitters resistance bands

Here are 3 variations of yielding isometric exercises that target the strength and stability of the external rotators of the rotator cuff (left side) for higher level activity🔥 .

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. Stepping out to the side begins to initiate external rotation load (on the left) but adding the dynamic variations with the opposite arm further recruits and challenges stability at the rotator cuff ✅ . .

⚡️Dynamic Yielding Isometric - ER⚡️

1️⃣ Pull-Down

2️⃣ Chest Press

3️⃣ Overhead Press . .

PRO TIP: Adding a rolled towel beneath the arm reduces involvement of the deltoid and places more emphasis on the rotator cuff complex ⚙️ . . Tag a partner to progress their rotator cuff strength + stability 💯 



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