Cool Night Workout by @termarlawton using WODFitters resistance bands

"Nothing is more boring than doing the same thing.

If you want to enjoy your exercise more, try exercising outdoors or simply switch your workout environment and equipment every now and then.

#reposting @termarlawton outdoor exercise using #wodfitters #resistanceband 🙌

Decided to change up my workout environment today and workout outside in the cool night air. Tabata: (20 secs. on 10 secs. off for a total of 4 rounds. Rest in between rounds for max 60 secs. if needed) 🦵🏾 Pistol Squats 🦵🏾 Single-Leg RDLs 🦵🏾 Archer Squats 🦵🏾 RDLs If any of the single leg movements are to challenging.

Use both legs and perform the bilateral variation. Shout out to @fableticsmen for the fit! It kept me warm and comfortable.

*Form could’ve been a bit better with these movements, but it’s all good. I don’t record follow along compound movements to often for this reason because it’s harder for me to lock in on myself.

Might be TMI because only a trainer could catch what I’m being anal about."



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